Sadguru Naatha .........   Ayyappa

Guruvin Guruva .........   Ayyappa

Kaliyuga Varada .........   Ayyappa

Kaanana Vaasa .........   Ayyappa

Kann Kanda Deivame ...  Ayyappa

Shree Swami .........   Ayyappa
Welcome to Shree Swami Ayyappa Temple, Beed-By-Pass Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.
Monday, 25 Jun 2018
  About Us   

Aurangabad is a great city. Emperor Aurangzeb had rules India from here, Great Artisans carved Ajanta, Ellora caves here and made India a jewel in the world of tourist cap. Few Keralites made their destination here and founded Shree Ayyappa Seva Sangham here.

The eighties of 20th century dawned in Aurangabad with a “Bhajana Geeth” appraising the greatness of Lord Ayyappan. Aranmula Vasudevan Nair was the organizer of the first Ayyappa Pooja on “Mandala Vilakku day” in 1981. Venue was Bungalow no. 7 (Moolasthanam) cantonment, Aurangabad.

First Makara Vilakku Maha Pooja was conducted in Bungalow No.7, on 14th Jan 1982.

The enthusiasm generated out of Mahapooja prompted the organizers to establish an Ayyappa Seva Sangham at Aurangabad. It was on 9th Nov.1984, Shree Ayyappa Seva Sangham was registered under the”Societies Registration Act 1960 and Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.Registration No. F- 1110 Aurangabad. Certainly it was a humble beginning, but the steps taken were firm and courageous.

Ayyappa puja’s were conducted on the second Saturdays every month at the residence of different member. Shri. T.S.Bala Krishna Warrior used to perform the duty of priest. Bhajana Sanghan under leadership of Shri AG. Sasidharanan Nair reciting bhajans regularly.

Constructing a temple of lord Ayyappa at Aurangabad was the ceaseless dream of each and every member of shree Ayyappa Seva Sangham. Search for a suitable plot narrowed at last a very remote place on beed bye pass in Satara village, Ayyappa nagar.

An area of about of about one fourth acre divided into four residential plots owned by Shri.G Vijayan and Shri .K.S.Prasad was chosen .one out of four plots was offered for free of cost.

The construction committee under late Prof. R.G. Menon started functioning on 13.11.1985

On 4th Dec.1986 at 11.08 am “Pran Pratishta” of lord Ayyappa was Performed,Shri Pathak Guruji prominent priest of Aurangabad was our tantri .Twelve years laters Pran Pratishla of Lord Ganapati took place on 27th Mar 1999and Devi on 30th Mar 1999.

The Presence of Lord Kartik Swamy in our temple complex is a strange phenomana. Several Thousand of devotees used to visit this temple every year on Kartik Poornima day for Kartikswamy Darshan .Even before a Kartikswamy temple was constructed, Astrologers were consulted. Temple Architect Shri. Kanippayoor Krishnan Namboodiri was also consulted.