Sadguru Naatha .........   Ayyappa

Guruvin Guruva .........   Ayyappa

Kaliyuga Varada .........   Ayyappa

Kaanana Vaasa .........   Ayyappa

Kann Kanda Deivame ...  Ayyappa

Shree Swami .........   Ayyappa
Welcome to Shree Swami Ayyappa Temple, Beed-By-Pass Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.
Monday, 25 Jun 2018
  Sabarimala :- Abode of Shree Ayyappan   

Almighty god took many a form to end the autocracy of many Devils and Asuras. Mahavishnu took the avatar of Rama to kill Ravana. Mahishasur was killed by Chandikadevi. Mahishi got infuriated when her brother was killed. She entered Tapas (Meditation) and got boon from Brahma to the effect that nobody other than a child born out of the unison of Vishnu and Mahesh could kill her once Mahishi attained super power, She became arrogant. She spelt terror in all the three worlds. At last Indra had to awaken the tri murties. Then the renowned “Bhasmasura Vadh” took place, leading to the unison of Lord Shiva with Lord Vishnu in the attire of Mohini and thus was born Hari Hara Putra- Ayyappan.

Shree Ayyappan was born as Hari Hara Putra and brought up by King Rajasekhara Pandian of Pandalam. Shree Ayyappan was educated and trained to become a master soldier and a yogi with divine Knowledge. By this time Mahisi’s autocracy reached at its peak. She conquered heaven and horrified everywhere. Gods appeared before Lord Ayyappan and prayed for their rescue. Lord Ayyappan went over to heaven, caught hold of both the horns of Mahishi and swirled her down to earth and killed.

Shree Ayyappan’s victory over Devil Mahishi made king Rajashekaran and his citizens overjoyed and resolved at last to declare him the heir of Pandalam.

But Shree Ayyappan revealed to all, the purposes of his incarnation in the celestial realms are fulfilled. And now he had to go back. At the same time he could not discard altogether the fatherhood of Panthalam Raja. It was as “Lord Ayyappan” had instructed them then that the temple at Shabarimala was originally constructed, where from king and his subjects could enjoy Darshan.

Shree Ayyappa Seva Sangham Aurangabad, mainly aims at establishing spiritual cordiality among various religions, propagate the principle of oneness of GOD, universal brotherhood and equality of mankind. Similarly, it has also plan to run Schools, hospitals, Orphanages, Libraries and other institutions for the welfare of the general public.